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By Terry Glaspey

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The various maximum painters, musicians, architects, writers, filmmakers, and poets have taken their suggestion from their religion and impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals with their attractive creations. Now readers can become aware of the tales at the back of seventy-five of those masterpieces and the artists who created them. From the paintings of the Roman catacombs to Rembrandt to Makoto Fujimura; from Gregorian Chant to Bach to U2; from John Bunyan and John Donne to Flannery O'Connor and Frederick Buechner; this e-book unveils the wealthy and sundry creative background left through believers who have been masters at their craft.
Author and historian Terry Glaspey stocks the soaking up real tales at the back of those masterpieces and is helping readers see the attention-grabbing info they may have ignored. by way of searching through the eyes of those inventive artists, readers will achieve deeper views concerning the human , the Christian tale, and their very own religious lives.

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In its native state in the monasteries, there are no listeners per se, for all are expected to join into these prayers of praise and contemplation. Nor are there soloists in chant, as every singer is an anonymous voice joined together with other voices to create a greater whole. Chant, therefore, requires humility, obedience, and finding one’s own small place in the choir. There are fundamentally three different types of chant, each adding a bit more complexity to the structure of the singing. The first is syllabic, where there is one note for each syllable.

1410) 52 10. The Adoration of the Lamb, Jan van Eyck (paintings, 1432) 56 11. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Albrecht Dürer (woodcut, 1498) 60 12.  1500) 64 13. The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo (painting, 1508–12) 69 14.  1529) 74 15. The Procession to Calvary, Pieter Brueghel (painting, 1564) 78 16. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, El Greco (painting, c. 1586) 82 17. The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, Caravaggio (painting, 1601–2) 87 18. The Holy Sonnets, John Donne (poems, 1633) 92 19.

One can spend hours letting the eyes settle upon a page and explore all the little secrets and mysteries hidden in the beautiful illuminations. It rewards a close look, and it unfolds its beauty, humor, and symbolic profundity slowly to the attentive eye. Until the fourth century, most writing had been done on scrolls. There were distinct disadvantages to the scroll, however, especially when you wanted to revisit a passage you’d read earlier. You might have to unwind nearly the entire scroll to find what you were looking for.

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75 masterpieces every Christian should know : the fascinating stories behind great works of art, literature, music, and film by Terry Glaspey

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