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By C. L. Seow

A transparent web page via web page black and white experiment of Seow's grammar.

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Based on a German lexicon from the nineteenth century; this reference work is now outdated. Yet, for most students who read only English, there is still no substitute that is both adequate and easily affordable. For the beginning student, B DB is difficult to use primarily because it is not arranged alphabetically, but according to roots. For instance, the noun IJ~F;, (altars) is not listed as it is spelled, but after the verb n~l and. the noun one simply has to know that the root is n:JT and that -7' is merely a noun prefix.

O when unstressed. ) midst but to~i (':;>ir-i) my midst 13. The original diphthong tawe~ The , in mofi and to~i is a mater. ii that the plural of TJ~ and nJ/? Ji~, respectively. We see now that the contraction of awe (< *aw) to o is according to rules. Originally it was not uncommon to have the diphthong *ay (the vowel -a+ the radical y). But in Biblical Hebrew original *ay is usually treated in two ways. 30 I Lesson IV . Some nouns of this type may take the feminine ending. height Noun c,p storm-wind Root ~,o vi.

The root begins -t,l; the most likely third radical is :i. One conjectures that the word is fp of ;,~~; look under the root ;'lt,l on p. 641. ;,~~ is indeed attested, but only as an adverb; no fp is attested for that. The next entry in BDB is;,\;>~, whose plural is nit9~, an irregular plural (we expect ;,\;>~ - *C'~~). This is the correct form. c~i~: Setting aside the dual ending, one conjectures that the root is r,£>N, and that this is a qal/-noun. But no such noun is listed under r,£>N. One then assumes *:Janpdyim > :Jappdyim.

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