Abhidharma Doctrines and Controversies on Perception by Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti PDF

By Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti

ISBN-10: 9889929627

ISBN-13: 9789889929626

This ebook bargains with the Buddhist theories of belief of the Abhidharma
schools, quite the Vaibhasika and the Sautrantika-Darstantika. It
offers a wealth of data from the Sanskrit and chinese language resources, of
which these from the Abhidharma-mahavibhasa and Nyayanusara are especially
valuable, being on hand in basic terms in Classical chinese language translation.

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SARVASTIVÄDA, VAIBHÄSIKA, DÄRSTÄNTIKA, SAUTRÄNTIKA AND YOGÄCÄRA 94 Ny, 347b. 95 T27, 388a-389a; T29, 347b-c. See also Tattvärthä(C), ZW, I, 210 ff. 96 As noted by Kritzer, the *Abhidharmahrdaya-vyäkhyä (T28, no. 1552, 944a) attributes the denial of the reality of äkäsa to the Därstäntikas. 97 JIABS, 333 ff. 98 T27,61c. 99 AKB, 311. 100 JIABS, 333. 101 The younger contemporary, Samghabhadra (Ny, 24), for one, says explicitly that Vasubandhu sides the "consciousness sees" view. 102 Ny,350c:±Mft^Mm:ii:^fixli{E|#ft:^ o ..

To take one example; On the issue of sukhendriya in the dhyäna, Vasubandhu says at the end: asty esa ekesäm vädah / naiva tu pürväcäryä nirdisanti sma yävantah prajnäntam / tasmäd vicäryam état / (AKB, 440), and Yasomitra comments: tasmäd vicäryam etad iti Yogäcärabhümi-darsanena vicäryam etad iti /(Vy, 673). 89 JIABS, 362 f, 364 f. 90 Ny, 457c-459a. Samghabhadra raises three other points. 91 JIABS, 347. 25) remarks here that Vaubandhu's explanation on the laksana-s is very similar to YBS. We might also note that it is a Theraväda explanation in the Abhidhammatthasangaha-vibhavinï.

136 Study, 678 ff; especially, 680 f. 131 Study, 604 ff. , the formulation of the älayavijnäna doctrine, and the well-known mention in the Mahäprajnäpäramitä-sütra (T5, 306a; cf. T25, 74c) of Classification of the Fivefold Categories of Dharma-s (ir/ASK). 139T55, 73b. 140 See History, 206. 141 T51, 918b-c, 928c-929a, 934a. 142 In ADV, 277, Kumäraläta illustrates the doctrine of the tri-temporal existence of dharma-s with the drstänta of the dust motes in the sunlight. 143 Cf. Ny, 44: na sautrcintiko na därstäntika ity arthah / 144 Ny, 495c.

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