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38 | Henry VIII to Mary I: Government and Religion 1509–58 A painting of Cardinal Wolsey in his cardinal’s robes. In your opinion, is the artist who painted this portrait sympathetic or hostile to Wolsey? This marked him out from most of his potential competitors, as did his single-minded and totally unscrupulous pursuit of his objectives. If anybody got in his way they were elbowed aside with whatever force was necessary. Many tales exist about his nefarious activities as a young man. It does not matter that many of them are probably apocryphal.

He was assisted in this task by Henry’s recognition of the dire diplomatic consequences that might have resulted had he given offence to England’s potential Protestant allies at a time when it looked as if a coalition of Catholic states might be about to invade the country to restore the Pope’s authority. So the wedding went ahead (in January 1540), but the king had already determined that he would never consummate his marriage with the ‘Flander’s mare’. Nor did he. Instead, Cromwell was disgraced and executed – partly because of the matrimonial embarrassment his policy had caused – while later that year Anne contentedly accepted the annulment of a marriage she had not welcomed, together with a sizeable financial settlement which allowed her to live the quiet life she sought, free from the danger of being used as a pawn in the international game of politics and dynastic marriage-making.

This remained Key question Why was Wolsey able to obtain so much power in the Church? Wolsey: Government, Diplomacy and the King’s ‘Great Matter’ 1514–29 | 41 in Warham’s hands, and to reverse the situation a further honour would be necessary. Key terms Legatus a latere Legatus a latere A position normally awarded for a specific purpose so that a representative with full papal powers could be present at a decision-making occasion far distant from Rome. Legatine powers Having the powers of the Pope.

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