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14 But see Zonneveld (1983) on voicing homorganity in the lexicon. g. e. d-´r]). g. t´r] ‘finder’). This can be analysed as a case of opaque rule interaction, because final devoicing should not precede syllabification. 16 These issues clearly have implications for language acquisition; even if the lexicon is innately structured such that level ordering constrains children’s hypotheses about morphology, it is still unclear upon what evidence a child would assign a particular rule or affix to a particular level (see Anderson 1982).

D´n] 25 To ensure a correct outcome, Dutch regressive voicing assimilation also needs to be taken into account. In Dutch, a rule of regressive voicing assimilation (RVA) is assumed to apply in compounds such as meetband [db] ‘measuring tape’ and breedband [db] ‘broadband’, as shown in (6) below. a. FD /metbAnt/ /bretbAnt/ SR *[metbAnt] *[bretbAnt] To conclude, the examples in this section illustrate the view that in the adult system, the (language-specific) rule of final devoicing is part of an ordered set of rules which apply serially to underlying representations.

E. *VC results from [*VoiObs & *Coda]), banning voiced obstruents and codas. 27 THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES 39 account for languages which lack the voice contrast altogether. g. g. 28 Second, Lombardi (1991; 1995; 1999) has proposed a ‘positional faithfulness’ analysis, which allows features only in certain environments. g. g. /t/ in [bEt]), see Zonneveld (to appear) for analysis of Dutch. The constraint *Lar is equivalent to the VOP constraint discussed above, prohibiting laryngeal features. This constraint outranks general faithfulness to voicing (IDLar, equivalent to IDENT-IO[voice]), resulting in final devoicing (see tableaux (15) and (16)).

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