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Upper lobe of calyx limb 4-5 cm wide. 12. A. ringens 12. Calyx limb 1-lobed or 1-lipped; stem and leaf undersides glabrous or pubescent; native plants or ornamentals. 14. Leaf apex acuminate or acute. Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 2 (2), Aristolochiaceae, page 3 of 14 15. Leaf base cordate, sagittate, or auriculate. 16. Sinus of leaf base 1-2 cm deep. 17. Stem and leaf undersides glabrous; leaf venation palmate; gynostemium 1-4 mm. 18. Capsules ovoid; utricle position horizontal. 19. Woody lianas; flowers borne on older stems; calyx limb peltate.

Bremer, K. J. Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. Lond. ) 23: 71-177 (1993). O. s. 7: 1-21 (1981). Jeanes, J. Hort. Fl. E. Australia 4: 348-449 (2002). A. N. Amer. Fl. 34: 217-288 (1934). Rzedowski, J. y Calderón de Rzedowski, G. Fl. Bajío 60: 1-29 (1997). H. Tanaceteen (1844). R. Muelleria 25: 59-100 (2007). L. Phytologia Mem. 10: 1-93 (1996). 1. Capitula discoid or disciform, rarely obscurely radiate. 2. Capitulescences pyramidal-paniculate; indumentum often of some dolabriform trichomes; wind pollinated. 4.

Gen. Sp. 2: 149 91817). n. (P). : Zaragosa. Aristolochia clypeata Linden et André, A. gigantea auct. non Mart. , A. sylvicola Standl. Glabrous, woody lianas; pseudostipules absent. Leaves 10-18 × 7-16 cm, broadly ovate to triangulate, green above, white-villous below, the apex acuminate, the base slightly cordate; petiole 4-8 cm. Flowers solitary or in clusters, on older stems; pedicel and ovary 7-14 cm, ebracteolate; calyx to 30 cm, bent, the limb peltate, tesselated with purple-brown markings between the lighter veins.

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