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By Justine Davis Randers-Pehrson

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Mid-nineteenth-century Germany and the U.S. represent the history for the lifestyles tale of Adolf Douai as educator, writer, editor, and self-declared radical. A member of the 1848 progressive Landtag of Saxe-Altenburg, he used to be imprisoned by way of reactionaries and later compelled to escape the rustic. His profession within the usa illustrates basic sociopolitical stipulations confronted via German Forty-Eighters arriving as refugees. In Texas, Douai edited an abolitionist newspaper for 3 years, yet threats via Know-Nothings pressured him to escape to the north, the place he used to be recruited through organizers of the hot Republican celebration, who was hoping to draw German electorate for Frémont (1856) and Lincoln (1860). Douai is usually linked to the Fröbel kindergarten approach. His contacts integrated Robert Blum, Mikhail Bakunin, Frederick legislation Olmsted, and Louis Agassiz.

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Something must be done to keep those unruly farm laborers in place! 9% of the peasant population, an amalgam of peoples who had lived in the region since pagan times, had slid into a condition of Christianized serfdom under German landowners. The German term Erbbauerstand [hereditary serfs as a social order] had worked its way into the language. Once again, as in his homeland, Douai was to have little contact with the working proletariat. 8 Douai had a gift for languages and noted that he soon was able to speak Russian fluently.

Landless people were beginning to flock to the cities in search of employment, but in the early stages of the Industrial Age there was little help for unskilled labor in thickly populated communities. It is possible that Douai was gaining a clearer understanding of conditions in the homeland than he would have attained in Germany. Censorship was severe there, to such an extent that people living in Germany knew more about happenings abroad than they did about events in their own small states, and conversely, people abroad knew more about what was happening in Germany than the Germans did.

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