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20e). The XRD pattern shows that the sample consisted of a single phase of crystalline monoclinic Pb2CrO5 (JCPDS 29-0768). , 2006) was excited by 276, 454 and 488 nm, respectively. The PL spectra of our BaCrO4 sample were obtained using the same excitation wavelengths. 21a). The emission band peak was not observed in the range of 300-450 nm. When excited at 454 and 488 nm, the BaCrO4 sample had the strong emission band peak at 609 and 663 nm (Fig. 21b and c), respectively. Using the same excitation wavelength, Yan et al.

2009). US7169372. ; Cai, R. ; Hashimoto, K.

15. (a) XRD pattern; (b) and (c) SEM micrographs; and (d) TEM micrograph of the typical BaCrO4 sample. The HRTEM image of the individual X-shaped structure shown in (d) is given in (e). Reproduced with permission from Mater. Res. , 2009, 44, 288. Copyright 2009 Elsevier. The typical sample prepared from the solution containing Ba(NO3)2, K2CrO4, NaOH and P123 for 12 h. The reflection peaks can be indexed to a single phase of BaCrO4 with an orthorhombic structure (JCPDS 35-0642). The morphology of the product was investigated by SEM, as shown in Fig.

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