Air and Gas Drilling Manual, Second Edition - download pdf or read online

By William C. Lyons

ISBN-10: 0070393125

ISBN-13: 9780070393127

Be ready for drilling's most well liked pattern in response to the U.S. division of power, by means of 2005, 30% of all wells can be drilled utilizing gasoline and air. The Air and fuel Drilling guide, by means of William Lyons -- an across the world recognized professional and holder of 9 drilling patents -- lays out every thing you must practice air and gasoline drilling to all types of operations, from the main simple to the main advanced, and for the shallowest to the inner most. You’re proven tips on how to: grasp the air and fuel drilling options in important industries: building and improvement of water wells, tracking wells, geotechnical boreholes, mining operations boreholes, and extra Calculate volumetric move and compressor necessities. Drill with sturdy foam, risky foam, and aerated beverages (as good as gasoline and air) deal with the distinct issues of deep gap drilling practice direct and reverse-flow circulate calculations Specify drills, collars, and casings Engineer and function really good downhole initiatives Plan operations and select air package deal contractors

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The volumetric flow rate from a mud pump can be easily assessed by either counting strokes per minute of the mud pump (and knowing the capacity of the pump in gallons per stroke and then calculating the output of the pump in gallons per minute), or by providing the rig floor with an accurate volumetric flow rate gauge. The volumetric flow rate of air (or other gases) to the well is vital knowledge for a successful drilling operation and its knowledge must also be made available to the rig personnel.

The drilling mud is incompressible and, therefore, the specific 3 weight is 75 lb/ft (or 10 lb/gal) at any position in the circulation system. There is some slight expansion of the drilling mud due to the increase in temperature as the drilling mud flows to the bottom of the well. This effect is quite small and is neglected in these engineering calculations. Figure 1-20: Mud drilling specific weight versus depth. 1-22 Air and Gas Drilling Manual Figure 1-21 shows the plot of the specific weight of the compressed air in this example.

This type of flow has a drill string injection pressure at the top that is higher than the pressure above the drill bit at the bottom. Friction dominated flow results when the drill bit is run with no nozzles. Figure 1-22 is the concluding plot of these example calculations. This shows the side-by-side comparison of the annulus velocities of the drilling mud and the compressed air as they flow to the surface. It is the power of these return flows up the annulus that keeps the rock cuttings entrained and moving to the surface at a rate that allows the drill bit to be safely advanced.

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