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By Katsuhiro Otomo

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88 Ibid. 5, 189; ibid. 5, 190. 89 Ibid. 5, 203). 40 The Soteriology of Leo the Great work, reinforced in the Latin translation, is thus that Christ can best be understood as an adunatio of two realities. The point of convergence of the two accounts for Cyril, which obscured the distinction between them, was the kath’hypostasin formula. It appears precisely at the point where the two descriptions are in play in the second letter to Nestorius. 90 If this is taken to mean that the union of the natures occurs by and at the level of the person of the Logos, 91 then the agent of incarnation in the first account is the same as the principle of the union in the second.

377–80). 31 F. de Beer, ‘Une Tessère d’orthodoxie. Le “Libellus emendationis” de Leporius (vv 418–21),’ Revue des Études Augustiniennes, 10 (1964), 145–85, esp. 151–8. 32 Lib 2: Tametsi Christum Filium Dei, tunc etiam, natum de sancta Maria non negaremus, sicut et ipsi recordamini, sed minime attendentes ad mysterium fidei non ipsum Deum hominem natum sed perfectum cum Deo natum hominem dicebamus, pertimescentes scilicet ne divinitati conditionem assignaremus humanam. O stulta sapientia! CC 64, 113.

Nisters, ‘Die Collectio Palatina,’ Theologische Quartalschrift, 113 (1932), 119–37; Amann, ‘L’Affaire Nestorius vue de Rome’ (1950), 51–2 argues that it would have revealed to Rome how complex the issues were. 5, 182. Ibid. 39–46. Ibid. 46–9. 96 97 Ibid. 182–3. Ibid. 50.

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