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By Alan Martin, Sam Harbison, Karen Beach, Peter Cole

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A brand new variation of the UK's usual creation to the risks provided through ionizing radiation and the tools of security and control.

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Below a certain level of dose (a threshold), the proportion of cells damaged will not be sufficient to affect the function of the organ and there will be no observable effect on the organ or the body as a whole. Above the threshold, effects will start to be observed and the severity of the effects will increase quite rapidly as the dose increases. This means that, within the range of variability between individuals, the relationship between the dose and the severity of the effects can be assessed with reasonable confidence.

The heart actually has two pumps: the left side pumps the blood through the arteries to the tissues. Nourishment is transferred from the tissues to the cells via the tissue fluid. The blood, after passing through the tissues, returns to the right side of the heart via the veins. The blood is then pumped to the lungs where it becomes oxygenated before returning to the left side of the heart. The blood in the arteries contains a lot of oxygen and is bright red in colour, whereas the blood returning from the tissues contains very little oxygen and is dark red with a bluish tinge.

A considerable number of diseases are associated with recessive genes and will therefore manifest themselves only when both parents have the same recessive genes. Spontaneous mutation accounts for the fact that an appreciable fraction of the world’s population suffers from 1 of the 500 or more defects or diseases attributable to heritable effects. Radiation can induce gene mutations which are indistinguishable from naturally occurring mutations. It should be noted in passing that heat and chemicals can also cause mutations.

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