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By William Napier

ISBN-10: 1409116735

ISBN-13: 9781409116738

AD 441: The Roman Empire, although bruised and battered, is much from defeated. notwithstanding her coffers are empty, the Visigoths and the Vandals are settling peacefully inside her borders, not enemies. it really is one other tribe that might deliver down this thousand-year-old colussus: a tribe from some distance to the East - united less than one chief for the 1st time. For Attila has returned...

In exile, he has wandered for thirty years together with his anger and ambition becoming day-to-day. Now he has again to grab the throne. he'll assemble the entire Hunnish clans around the mammoth barren region of Scythia, and hammer them right into a unmarried mightly military. purely then will he ultimately flip to stand the tottering Roman Empire.

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He mocked them and poured scorn upon them, goading them into ever more competitive zeal. He commanded them to see how fast they could fire a dozen shots. The chosen men snatched and strained back at their quivers, fumbling for single arrows, eyeing the nocks in the ends of the arrows before fitting them carefully, sighting along their arms, drawing back the bowstring steadily. Most took two or three minutes to fire their dozen arrows. At standstill. At last in his impatience he surged forward. One hapless warrior, burly, sausage-fingered Juchi, was still struggling to fire his last arrow.

The bowstring hummed and the arrow flew askance then curved slightly in the prevailing wind, veered inwards and punched straight through the ghastly head on the lance, fell out and curved down into the sodden grass beyond. The men stared. He tossed the bow back into Candac’s lap. ‘One day, you will all shoot as well as that,’ he said. ’ Then he wheeled and turned back towards camp. The head would remain impaled on the lance out on the plain, as a lesson for men and a breakfast for the crows. When the storm had abated and the clouds broken apart to show the blue sky again, he drove them out onto the plain once more.

B. Yeats, while the verse on p 299 is from The Curse of Cromwell. Claudian’s hymeneal hymn is genuine. The other verses are my responsibility. More personal thanks to Jon, Genevieve and Angela at Orion for all their enthusiasm, encouragement and patience; to Lizzie Speller and Bywater for help with my small Latin and less Greek; to Patrick Walsh, best of agents, as ever; to the helpful staff of various libraries, including Shaftesbury Public Library and the London Library; and to Iona, for great forbearance, and for everything else, too.

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