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By H. H. Krause, Penninger J. M. L.

ISBN-10: 1591240336

ISBN-13: 9781591240334

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Farbenindustrie, 1936. L. A. Utracki 25 Fisher, E. , Extrusion of Plastics, J. Wiley & Sons, New York (1958). , Jap. , 041,456, 7 Dec 1971, Appl. 30 Oct 1968, to Toray Industries, Inc. Gergen, W. , Lutz, R. , in Thermoplastic Elastomers, Legge, N. , and Schroeder, H. , Hanser Publishers, Munich (1987). , U. S. , 3,633,184. Grabowski, T. , U. S. , 3,134,746, 26 May 1964; U. S. , 3,267,175, 16 Aug 1966, Appl. 1961a, to Borg-Warner Corp. Grabowski, T. , U. S. , 3,130,177, 21 Apr 1961; Ger. , 1,170,141, 14 May 1964, Appl.

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Conversion of polymer wastes & energetics by H. H. Krause, Penninger J. M. L.

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