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By Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan (auth.)

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Not surprisingly, the larger member states have a more diversified agricultural sector than the smaller ones. In particular, Italy, France and Spain are relatively more diversified than their north-European counterparts. Italy’s major products are fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, milk, beef/veal and olive oil. France’s major products are wine, milk, beef, wheat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Spain is relatively engaged in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, pig meat, milk, beef and veal, and olive oil.

The tastes and preferences of the population (variable T ) can in turn be explained by sociological factors such as the belonging to a specific ethnic group, the attitude towards nutrition, health and food safety. Finally, variable A has grown in importance over the last decades. It encompasses all the attributes of the product that allow the consumer to differentiate it clearly from other products. The aim of advertising is to increase the perceived (if not real) degree of differentiation between 44 The Economics of European Agriculture products.

Undoubtedly, countries experiencing higher growth rates adjust more rapidly. 9(b) shows clearly a faster rate of adjustment of China compared with India. Agriculture is only a starting point in the developmental trajectory of a country. Why does the share of agricultural output and employment decrease ineluctably? An insight into some basic principles and aspects of international trade theory may provide an explanation. 1(a) and (b) which indicate the equilibrium between production and consumption in a closed economy.

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